Monday, 20 September 2010

The "Panagitsa" chapel inside a vault of Mouragia's ancient wall

  In the Mouragia, an area which took its name from the italian word for wall "muraglia", a miniature church could be found inside a vaulted chamber. It is called "Panagitsa" ("Little Virgin Mary"). 

  Nobody can tell for sure when and why this little chapel was built. Legend has it that some centuries ago, a seaman was seeing a light coming out of a little cave. Some years after, a mural which depicted the Virgin Mary was discovered and since then this place became a place of worship. 

 Today, the place is being visited by the locals and the tourists who want to pray. A bunch of local folk take care and maintain the chapel with love and devotion. 

  To access the chapel, pass the gate of Saint George in the Anaktora area towards Mouragia and then turn right down Faliraki. When you arrive down at Faliraki, on your left hand you will find a parking area. The chapel is located at the very end of it, facing a little beach under the walls frequented by some elderly locals.

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