Friday, 3 September 2010

Τhe full moon of 25 August 2010 over the lighthouse at the Old Fortress

The August's full moon was celebrated by poets, writers, musicians, painters and lovers. It is the most beautiful and romantic full moon of the year. This year's full moon was special. The skies were clear that night and it was warm and serene. Many took photos and videos of the full moon but the video I posted below is more than special. Probably one of the most beautiful moon videos I've ever seen. In the video, the full moon is rising right over the old lighthouse on the top of the Old Fortress. It's not really a video but a sequence of individual photos being put together. You can also notice how the moon colour is changing, from orange to yellow.

Copyright © 2009-2010, B.Metallinos, Corfu Astronomic Society. All rights reserved.

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Corfu Bluesman said...

Bravo, John? Phenomenal!