Sunday, 26 September 2010

The "Save Annunziata" initiative

  It seems that there is a great interest for that old venetian monument towering above one of the central points of Corfu Town. A Facebook group was created in order to promote the Annunziata's history and importance as well as persuade people to support this cause. So last Thursday, a peaceful protest was organized and around 250 people showed up standing for a good two hours holding a lit candle. It is worth noticing that the Annunziata's bell sounded for the first time after many years marking a new era for its fate.
   There was also a book in which the supporters signed the petition. Among the supporters of the movement who signed a petition was Sotiris Mikalef, the ex-mayor of Corfu Town, who promised to make everything within his power to restore and protect the monument.
  I hope this will be a good start and make local people think of Annunziata's historic importance. I have already posted a brief history in this blog, if you are interested have a look. Below there are a bunch of photos from the protest and a short video.

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