Thursday, 30 August 2012

An almost full moon as seen from Pyrgi

  I'm posting three pics I took yesterday from a grill house in Pyrgi. The almost full moon was enchanting as well as the views over Ipsos. Tomorrow will be the second August full moon, the so called "blue moon" which occures every two or three years. Are you going to take some photos of it?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Vivaldi's "Juditha Triumphans" oratorio by the Philharmonic Society of Corfu

   On August 11th, Corfu celebrates the abandon of the turkish siege of 1716 which was very crucial for the european history. On that day a tremendous thunderstorm forced the turks to break the siege and leave the island. The locals believe that it was St. Spyridon that saved the island from the muslims.
  The doge, in order to commemorate the victory, commisioned the famous venetian baroque composer Antonio Vivaldi to compose a musical piece dedicated to this important event. He eventually composed "Juditha Triumpans", a war oratorio. The plot takes place in ancient Israel where Judith, a young Jewish widow, behead Assirian general Holofernes saving the country from the assyrian king Nebuchadrezzar. Judith's victory is an allegory of Venice defeating the invading turks in Corfu.
  This year, Philharmonic Society of Corfu symphonic wind band performed the famous "Arma, caedes, vindictae, furores" part from the oratorio. On the solo trumpets: Andreas Riggas and Aggelos Protopsaltis.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The old 12th primary school of Corfu building

   Across the road where the 1st and 5th high school buildings are, another old building can be found. The two storey building used to house the 12th primary school until 2005 when the school moved nearby in Marasli street. The upper floor is home to few catholic nanies but the ground floor is home to the Caritas organization of the Catholic church and to the Union of Northern Epirots of Corfu. 

   That was the school were I learned how to write and spend my first six years of my life as a pupil. I consider myself lucky to spend a part of my childhood there because the enviroment was friendly and there was a large lawn with palm trees and other trees in which we were playing during the break.

  Hopefully, that old beautiful building still stands thanks to the christian catholic community of the island which takes care of it. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

A lecture about the 1716 siege of Corfu (in greek)

   Professor George Zoumpos gave recently a lecture at the palace's gardens about the great siege of Corfu which took place in 1716. This important battle is commemorated every August the 11th with the litany of St. Spyridon who, according to the local religious beliefs, saved the island from the ottoman turks.
  During this one hour-long lecture, mr. Zoumpos is giving us a detailed discussion about the siege after many years of personal research.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A special concert featuring only percussion instruments

  Last Monday in the front of Town Hall there was a special concert given by Philharmonic Society of Corfu's percussionists. They performed a wide range of pieces, some of them directed by the dutch percussionist and music teacher Ruud Mourik.
  Below there are two videos from Monday's concert. In the first one, a group of percussionists who back in 1994 performed the first rhythmic solo for percussion while giving a marching show at the Esplanade. The second one is the well-known "Sabel dance" by Khacharturian performed by xylophones, metallophones and other percussion instruments.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Τhe 1st and 5th Corfu High school

  Near the tennis court area, on Rizospaston Voylefton street, there are two neoclassical buildings which are home to two high schools, the 1st and the 2nd one. Until the Second World War those buildings were home to the Italian School which was founded by the italian state in late 19th century. Apparently, the italians constructed the buildings in a neoclassical style which was dominant that time. 

   There are two courtyards. The front one is the smallest while the rear one is far more spacious where the students can play basketball.

   There are some palm trees in the rear courtyard which look beautiful even if trees of that kind are not famous for their shade.