Sunday, 30 October 2011

The new piano crossing in Garitsa

  Corfiots can be imaginative too. Today morning some "Kantounistas" volunteers decided to create an innovative pedestrian crossing at a busy junction in Garitsa district. They took white and black paint and painted a piano across the road's width. 

  I would like to welcome this iniciative was inspired by a bunch of citizens and not by the local authorities, proving that there are still people who stay creative and care about their neighbourhood.
  Isn't it fantastic?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The excellent sandy Marathias beach

   It is a rainy day in Corfu today but let's cheer ourselves up with those summer images of Marathias beach. This wide and sandy beach is located near Vitalades, a village in south Corfu. It is not as exploited as Glyfada. The middle part of it is the busiest one with two beach bars offering free umbrellas and chairs and the northern and southern stretch being less busy and preferred by nudists. The surf is strong enough there due to the beach's position facing the southwest. Thus, when winds are strong, it is a perfect spot for surfers.
    The beach is accessible only by car. The nearest bus passes from Vitalades but it is a kinda long walk from the village to the beach. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The last "Occasion"...

   On Annunziata square, just opposite the ancient campanile, there is a garment shop popular among the locals. It is called "Οκαζιόν", the greek transcription of the french world "ocassion" which has the same meaning with the homonymous english word. 
   The shop opened its doors sometime in the early 60s and soon because so popular that it gave its name to the neighbourhood around it and became a meeting point. Its clientele consists mostly by the elderly ones as well as those who fancy cheap clothes. When I was a kid, me and my parents used to shop from this shop but I did not quite like it because I have been always considered it too old-fashioned for my taste. The years had gone by and the owner decided to retire and sold the property to a greek fast food chain called "Everest" which will open its first Corfu shop on the site. For the time being, there is a bazaar going on selling all good on 60% discount and the show windows displaying some nude plastic dolls.
   Soon another beloved landmark business will be vanished, as regretfully did the "Lykoudis" bookshop last year sacrificing themselves in the name of commercial involvement.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The famous Pelekas sunset

   The sunset from Pelekas is a must-see. Popular throughout the centuries, Kaiser Wilhelm II used to spend his evenings watching the sun going down and dissapear into the Ionian sea. Nowadays, tourists flock to the top of the hill (on which the so called "Kaiser's throne" lookout is to be found) to watch this marvellous sight having a drink at the peaceful café with the brilliant panoramic views to the Ionian sea. 
   Pelekas sunset is highly recommended for those romantic hearts which love staring and dreaming watching the sunset. Another famous sunset is the one at Loggas beach with it's famous Sunset bar sitting on the top of a rock right above the surf.


Thursday, 13 October 2011

The panoramic views from the Kaiser's throne lookout

  Between 1908 and the first world war, Kaiser Wilhelm II spent his summers at Achilleion Palace. His favourite trip was to the village of Pelekas (12 km from the town) from where he used to watch the sunset. A lookout point on a 220 metre tall hill is still known today as "Kaiser's Throne" from where you have a superb view of the central part of the island spreading out below your feet.
   From the lookout the view spreads from Mount Pantokrator and Albania to Agioi Deka mountain and the town. There is a set of binoculars amplifying the views offered and a semi-circular viewing platform as well.

The viewing platform

The town and environs
The Old Fortress

Pantokratoras range

Agioi Saranta, Albania behind the island's northeastern coast
Cruise ships and Vidos island
A Holland America lines cruise ship departing for the Adriatic sea
The airport, Kanoni peninsula and a ferry 
Analipsi hill in the background
Kanoni's peninsula tip with its hotels
Agioi Deka mountain
The southwestern coast
Ropa valley
The twin radio antennas, the tallest structures in the island
Varipatades village with Achilleion palace above it