Wednesday, 8 September 2010

"Lykoudis" bookshop closes its doors after 63 years of existence

  One of the oldest and well-known local bookshop closes its doors after selling books and stationery since 1947. "Lykoudis" is to be found in Georgaki square but the original bookshop was across the Annunziata monument in the present "Glou" shop. During last week's "everything must go" promotion (selling all stock at 60% off) the majority of books have now gone and few could still found on the shelves.

  I bought a novel which costed me only three euros. When I payed it, I asked the owner about the forthcoming close and she told me that she is getting her retirement. But there might be another reason as well, due to the greek crisis and the other alternative pastimes, fewer and fewer people spend money to buy books and they prefer to spend their free time on tv and surfing the internet. 

  The furniture should go as well, most of them have already been sold! When I've visited, there were lots off people gazing and searching through the almost empty shelves.

  I hope this will be the last loss and new bookshops will open to satisfy the local people's love for literature and knowledge.

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