Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Corfu in the past 2: "O Markás", the old market building

  In the area of the old port, existed the old market building which was bombarded by the Germans in 1943. It was a beautiful building which was one of the liveliest points in Corfu where the locals bought meat and vegetables chatting and socializing. After its demolition, being almost ruined by the bombs, the present Spilia square was built and the whole area lost its vitality and importance. 
  The postcard below was taken in the early 20th century and shows the busy market building known as "Markás" (a colloquial name probably originated from the venetian word for market "marcà"). Αt the background a portion of the New Fortress could be seen. At the foreground at the far right a young boy is resting under a tree and at the left a company is probably chatting talking loudly in the local dialect. Behind them, some market people or farmers carry the produce and a man in uniform, probably a policeman is looking at them.

  The oldest corfiots still remember the building and lament it, much like the old municipal theatre. But we should feel happy that there are some documentary photos like this which make us remember how those fine defunct buildings looked like.

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