Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Starbucks at Kanoni

Yeah, we finally have a Starbucks shop in Corfu! It is situated in the Kanoni square, next to the classic 'Kanoni cafe". You can get descent views of Mouse island, Vlaherna and the airport's runway from the tables outdoors. The cafe is self-serviced, so don't expect to see any waiter around. Prices are a little bit higher than average but it's worth experiencing a cup of Starbucks espresso or an american coffee. After all, Starbucks is an international brand like McDonalds and KFC with all positive and negative aspects that this may mean.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Kratiki Orchistra Athinon (National S.O. of Athens) concert in Corfu.

One of the most important symphonic orchestras of Greece gave a concert tonight inside the Corfu Town's Old Fortress for the celebration of the Unesco's decision to announce Old Town Corfu a monument of international cultural inheritance. They played three pieces: Giuseppe Verdi's "Va, pensiero" from "Nabucco", Ntinos Konstantinides "Divertimento of New Orleans" and Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov's "Scheherazade".

It was really a good concert, because here in my island you haven't got the often chance to see a descent S.O. playing. I hope more and more concerts like this will take place in my town more often than usual.

KOA (National S.O. of Athens) playing "Scheherazade" in Old Fortress, Corfu - July 2008.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Atmos @ Galea, Corfu 11-07-08 ~ Pics, Videos and some Impressions

Yeah, Atmos came for a second time in Corfu (he came last year too at the same venue) and he played as good as always. Being a legendary Goa and Psy trance Dj born in Sweden, Atmos is well known for his endless open air parties in distant places like Brazil or Japan. Lately he is into more progressive trance sounds, incorporating some goa elements(you can't forget your past,right?).

Let's move to the pictures and vids now:



Yeah Fanis, keep it up mate!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Christian Cambas @ Au Bar, 04/07/08

Yeah baby! What an amazing night we had last night! Christian Cambas rocked the decks till morning in a dj set that included various styles of dance music, from progressive house to techno, and from trance to psychedelic!! We couldn't get enough of him really! If you want to have a taste of what last night was like, just check the pics and the videos below!

Fragma- I Need A Miracle:

Some psy stuff:

Delerium- Silence:

Olivia Newton John- Physical (remix):


Fragma- I Need A Miracle:

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Greek trash TV in its hayday! (early 2000s)

If you understand Greek, you really have a good laugh with the following video! The girl, named Christina had affairs with men mostly of Asian origin and she is confused whether she would choose her ex, Stefanos or Kostas, a man from Arta who came to the show to get to know Christina. She says that she is still in love with Stefanos, but she will give Kostas a chance only if Stefanos decides to break up permanently with her. Greek trash TV in its good days!