Saturday, 27 December 2008

Funkagenda @ Au Bar 26-12-08 - Videos & Pics

One of the most promising djs of the new branch, Funkagenda appeared yesterday at Au Bar. Hail from Kent, UK and many respected and famous djs call him "phenomenon". Famous for his remixes to other artists (my favourite is his remix for Fatboy Slim's Star 69), he has made some good productions on his own.

Enjoy a sample of yesterday's night:


A remix of Lio - Rapture:

Playing a remix of Daft Punk's "Around the world":

Fatboy Slim - Funk Soul Brother [Koen Groenveld Remix] [Dubfire Remix] :

His most well-known remix: "What the Fuck":

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence remix:

"Steve Angello + Sebastian Ingrosso - Partouze (Funkagenda remix)":

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mantouki: The old industrial working class suburb of Corfu Town

Mantouki - one of the oldest suburbs of Corfu Town, 'borgo' in the old Venetian language. It was an autonomous district, located in the northwest of the old Corfu Town and it has been existed prior to the fortification of the town in 1588. When Heraklion in Crete fell in 1669, many residents of Crete migrated to Mandouki. In the later years, the district welcomed refugees from Peloponesus and Parga. Mandouki's residents were fishermen, ferrymen and they many of them also had been involved in the ship repairing bussiness. In the 19th century, some factories had been established in the area because there were plenty of workers available. Those factories produced oil, ceramics, soaps and there was a tannery as well. In the 1960s though, those factories started to close as a result of tourism.

The architecture of Mandouki is typical Venetian. It is an interesting area despite the fact that for many years it has been negleted by local authorities. This is slowly come to an end - many bars opened in the newly pedestrianized Ksenofontos Stratigou, the main street of Mandouki.
- A Google map for Mantouki:

Let's start our journey through the pictures:

- The newly pedestrenized Ksenofontos Stratigou street:

- Typical lower middle class houses:

- Derelict factory:

- Ancient arcade:

- In detail:

- Here once was the Zafiropoulos Pasta factory:


- Arcades: a common architecture feature in Corfu

- Old block of apartments:

- Alleys:

- Probably a storage building:

- Mantouki's housing estate for the working class:

- Platitera monastery - in its cemetery, Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Governor of Greece, was interred.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Results of the poll "What is your favourite city?"

Thanks for voting! Seems like London has many fans (well, I can't hide it, I'm a huge fan of London myself), so 38% of the votes went for London. Athens came second with 15% (don't forget, most of this blog visitors came from Greece)and in the third place is Rome with 10% of the votes. Vienna came 4th, sunny Los Angeles and hip Amsterdam both came 5th with 5% of the votes.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Today's riots in pictures

A few riot pictures from an insider. Nothing special though, we have been bombarded with many of similar images over the last ten days.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tired of waiting Google Streetview for London?

We have an alternative solution!

Some Londoners report that they have spotted Google-logo cars with big cameras on their tops cruising London streets these months. But if you logged in Google maps, you'll notice that there are no Streetview for London yet!

Don't worry, there's! A site offering exclusively street views for London with an interface similar to Google's. Just double click on the point of the map where you want to see a street level view and a small window will pop up offering you the requested street view.

A street-view from the middle of Westminster bridge:

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

4th day of rioting in Athens: Photos

Guys, we have enough - you can go to your northern suburbs mansions and enjoy your wealthy life.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Free Downloads: Great Trance tracks by dutch dj Daniel Wanrooy

Great tracks, you can download them for free.

Daniel Wanrooy biography:

Background: Hailing from the flatlands of Dordrecht, Southern Holland, Daniel Wanrooy has been influencing the playlists of some of the world’s top DJs for over 6 years. Both as one half of highly-lauded duos Progression & Odyssee and as a standalone artist, his evocative, imaginative music has successfully cross-bred virtually every sub-genre of trance.
Progression & Odyssee PT 1: 2004 though proved to be Daniel’s big, graduating year as he banded together with fellow friend & producer Robin van de Wiel… Pooling resources as well as knowledge they released several tracks before launching a second act under the name Progression. Touting around various Dutch labels, they were snapped up by Fundamental Recordings. The 12” ‘Purify’ & ‘Ocean Green’ (2004) were quickly followed by ‘Indeep Sounds’ & ‘Sands of Time’ in 2005.
Progression & Odyssee PT 2: It was around this time that Daniel flew unmistakably onto the radar of über trance talent-spotter Tiësto. Over the last three years, the luminary’s has used an unprecedented 4 tracks of Daniel’s work on his mega-selling ‘In Search of Sunrise’ series. In 2005 Odyssee moved over to Blackhole with the pair licensing the double-header ‘Frontline’ & ‘Evolution’. In tandem, they also moved Progression over its sub-label I.T.W.T. (In Trance We Trust) with ‘Superstitious’ and subsequently onto Magik Muzik for ‘Technophobia’ & ‘Loving Memories’ in 06.
Progression – The Album: Staying true to the act’s name (and completing the circuit of Tiësto’s labels) Progression unleashed their debut long-player ‘Different Day, Different Light’ in 07 on Blackhole. Marked up by MTV as “two hours of fascinating music”, it received a huge reception from press and DJs alike.
Daniel Wanrooy - the DJ: A wish to see his tracks working from the perspective of the DJ booth along with a desire to travel the globe prompted Daniel to take the DJing plunge in 2003. Signed onto the books of the Global Twist Music agency, DJ dates have given him an invaluable POV, increasing his knowledge of how to make his music even more floor-effective. He has subsequently warmed up for Tiësto, spun at the legendary Heineken Hall in Amsterdam & played to 15,000 strong crowds across Europe. He now DJ’s regularly in the UK, as well as dates right across the world.
The Future: Into 2008 Daniel is continuing work under both his collaboration monikers as well as laying the ground for his first solo album