Friday, 30 October 2009

Corfu 1972: a short film

I found that at YouTube, a short film shot in 1972 showing the island as it was 37 years before.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Lazaretto island: A small islet full of history

Lazaretto (also known as "Agios Dimitrios") is small island one mile away from the coast of Corfu, not far from the bigger islet of Vidos. It covers an area of 17.5 acres (71,000 m2) and it is uninhabited.

Lazaretto from space:

Today, I had the chance to visit Lazaretto, participating in the memorial service given to the victims of the Greek National Resistance movement. We set off with a ferry from the New Port, sailing slowly to the islet 2 kilometres away. Weather was partly cloudy but not cold at all. Approaching our destination, the island's flora appeared: pine trees, fir trees and occasionally some palm trees dominated the islet.

A narrow ascending path led us to the centre of the island where the ruins of Agios Dimitrios church and another two-storied building served as headquarters for the Italian army. There is also a small cemetery for those who where condemned to death. But let's dig briefly into the history of the island.

Lazaretto was named by the Venetians after the leprosarium which operated there. Venetians leprosariums were named "Lazzaretti" after Lazzaretto Vecchio island in Venice, which housed the first venetian leprosarium. Every ship which had Corfu as its destination, was forced to spend forty days in Lazaretto before entering Corfu's port passing through the process of disinfecting postal items, usually by fumigation. There was also a house for the leper people. In 1798, during the French occupation, the Russo-Turkish fleet ran it as a military hospital. During the British occupation, it was used again as a leprosarium. After the Enosis of 1864, it was used occasionally. During World War II, the Axis established a concentration camp for the prisoners of the Greek National Resistance movement. The wall against which those condemned to death were shot still stands opposite the Agios Dimitrios church.

Manolis Glezos, the famous left wing politician, giving a speech:

Lazaretto, recently, is under renovation. The church is being restored to its former glory and the two story building will be a museum dedicated to the National Resistance. When these works will come to an end, we hope that special place will draw visitors more often and its history will be more appreciated by the younger generations.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Some really old and rare photographs

Liston in early 1900s

Walking in Garitsa, early 1900s

The "Puli tis Mparoutis" gate in Spilia district, now demolished

Panoramic view of Garitsa, 1950s

The factory behind the old Municipal Theatre

The demolished old apartment block in Agias Sofias street

The traditional "karo" or "lisa", used by old time Corfiots as a mean of transport

The bombarded Anunziata monastery, right after the Second World War

Porta Reala and Eugeniou Voulgareos street in late 19th century

Mantouki in early 20th century

The north side of Old Fortress from the Faliraki area - The only building which survives is the last on at the right.

Pinia with "Piniadoroi" - early 20th century

All photos taken by me from the notable book "Istoria tis Kerkyras" by Spyros Katsaros.

If you liked the photos above, there is a group in Facebook dedicated in old Corfu photos.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Dance show @ "Poco Loco" TexMex, Corfu (10.10.09)

They were really amazing, dressed in those funky latin outfits and entertain us while tasting burritos!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ruins of an old church in Porta Remunda district in Old Corfu Town

On a side street (Foka street) at Porta Remunda, I discovered a few months ago a ruined old church. It seems very old and traditional, as the architecture and the uncovered spots of brickwork revealed as a result of the physical deterioration caused by time.

As I don't know any details of this building, I would like to ask my fellow blog followers to post a comment if they know anything about that church. Your information will be used as an updater to this post