Monday, 30 August 2010

An old wall and a garden at the heart of the town

  The modern part of Corfu Town looks like any other provincial town of the mainland Greece. It is full of those cheap and nasty 50s-60s apartment blocks which offended the landscape of many greek towns. During those year many beautiful old buildings were torn down to make way for those awful blocks.
   Hopefully, there are some survivors which remind us how the area looked half a century ago. One example is that old wall and garden at Linou Kogevina street, near Sarocco square. The garden has two orange trees which when blossomed, they produce a very pleasant smell.

  Looking at the right side of the wall we can notice an window filled with stone bricks. I suspect that this part of the wall belonged actually to a building which is long gone now. 

  The left side, was built with local stone. Most of the old buildings found in the oldest part of Corfu Town have been built using this type of stone.

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