Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Annunziata renovation plans and the future cenotaph

  Following last month's protest, images of future renovatated Annunziata monument were published. The renovation plan involve the full renovation of the old but significant venetian campanile, a brand new cenotaph dedicated to the dead Battle of Nafpaktos' soldiers and the public space right next to the monument will be branded as "Annunziata square". 
 Warm and cheerful mediterranean colours have been selected, emphasising and respecting the significance of such a monument. There will be a poster which will inform the tourists and the locals about its history and a new lighting scheme will be implemented. 

  Hopefully by the end of the Annunziata's renovation, a new sight will be pinpointed on the tourist map, a must-see for those who love and appreciate the local and the european history

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