Thursday, 3 February 2011

The "haunted house" on Psichiatriou square

  It stands there helpless, derelict and lonesome. The grand three-storey house on Dimoulitsa street, opposite the old mental hospital, looks like those spooked houses from the films.

 Its garden has some trees, among them an orange which bears mature oranges.

  It was built in the local traditional style and I reckon that it may belonged to a weathly family, long before this part of town become a busy spot. Now, there is a green bus station opposite to the building itself, where many commuters wait the bus to southern Corfu. But nobody seems to notice it.

  Though long abandoned, it should be still repairable. I wonder why hadn't already been bought by a property developer in order to restore it and sell it to some wealthy family.

  Notable is the grand escalade at the right side of the house which I think is one of its kind on the island. The attic too should be quite spacious.

  The rear side looks even wild. Some enormous ivies climbed the right and the rear sides making the grand house having a wild charm. 


  The left side is more neat as it's on a dead-end lane leading to some neighbouring houses.

  If I had money, I would have bought it and restore it to its former glory. Is any of you able to buy and repair it?


Sarah-jane said...

I have always looked at this house when passing and dreamed of winning the lottery and buying it - it is just beautiful and would be just stunning if restored properly.........

© Karelian Blonde said...

I have bought my lottery ticket, so fingers crossed :)