Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Τhoughts on the corfiot Easter funeral marches

  A very interesting video about the funeral marches which could be heard in Corfu during Holy week. This documentary sound archive from a 21 year-old E.R.A. (Greek National Radio service) emission, examines the nature of this music tradition, unique in Greece and maybe in the whole world. In the video, some famous funeral marches could be heard, like "Hamlet", Beethoven's funeral march from "3rd Symphony", "Caldae Lacrimae" and the famous Albinoni's "Adagio". 
  Unfortunately, the video is in greek, but those who can't understand the language will sure appreciate the pictures and the music.

  Easter in Corfu is unique, colourful and very traditional. Why don't you consider spending Easter in our blossomed island? From late March, there will be plenty of cheap Easyjet flights from England and back.  

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petra said...

Unfortunately John, flights from Holland only start 23rd, most of them even 25 th of April.... :(
If we want to experience Corfiot Easter, we have to fly via Athens to Kerkyra, which is more expensive as well...
greets, Petra