Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Corfu then and now 2: Polichroniou Konstanta street in 1890

  Polichroniou Konstanta always had been an important throughfare which connected Sarroco square with the then suburb of Kotsela (the maltese quarter) and beyond. Every morning, farmers used to pass through that street in order to sell their diary products in one of the town's markets. Nowadays, it's a very busy road with lots of traffic, as it serves as an extension of Paleokastritsas national road which leads to the northern parts of the island. 
  In the documentary 120 years old photo below, we can see how the area around the intersection with Lichnou street. Much of the buildings are now gone, except for the big front one which later had been modified and until recently housed a Commercial bank branch.

  In the 2011 one, the soil road and farmers on their donkeys transformed into an asphalt road and cars. How the same view will look like in 2130?

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