Saturday, 12 February 2011

Forgotten Corfu 11: The ruins of an old convent inside the Mon Repos estate

  Inside the famous Mon Repos estate, there are the relics of an old convent, probably dedicated to Agios Panteleimon. The complex is in a horrible state and needs to be restored as soon as possible. It seems to be about 300-400 years old, I looked up for some clues on internet but I couldn't find anything about it.

  The roof seems to have been long gone now and the interior of the church is completely exposed to the weather.

  The skillfully painted interior still survives although fainted.

  The traditional bell tower still stands having a pair of bells on it.


  A spring and a marble monument where probably candles had been placed can be found around the premises.

  Looking up above one of the church's entrances, a coat of arms carved on marble stands.

 The convent's facilities are in a sorry state as well.

  Even though the appaling state the convent is in, there are plenty of pleasant details to appreciate.


  Coming as a suprise, the ornamental recently vividly coloured plaque, which probably depict Virgin Mary and Joseph, makes a contrast with the grey weatherbeaten walls. 


  The convent can easily be found near the Mon Repos palace, on the wooded road to Kardaki. I heard that soon it will be restored with E.U. money which will revive this wonderful unknown religious site. Does any of you know some things about its history?

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