Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Thomas Flagginis house in Anemomylos

  Between the private Mon Repos beach and the hotel which bears the same name with the "plage" stands a recently renovated 17th century house, which belonged to the rich greek merchant and lawyer Thomas Flagginis (1573-1648). Flagginis was born in Corfu but spent most of his life in Venice, where he made a fortune. When he died, his will stated that in case his daughter would die without any children, he would like to donate the house to the orthodox church for educational use. So, in 1665 the "Flagginio college" was funded educating hudreds of local children and publishing some interesting books. The college existed up to 1797 but it opened again in 1823. In 1905 it closed forever.

  The house has an attached a picturesque private church and a beautiful garden with palm trees. The church itself was built in the local traditional style.

  There is a plaque which commemorates the renovation of the complex, which took place in 1979 by the Corfu Reading Society. 

  Nowadays, the building houses the Anemomylos Cultural and Enviromental Society. Unfortunately, it is closed to the public. Although, you can browse the site from the railings and apreciate one of the most beautiful traditional corfiot houses.

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