Sunday, 20 March 2011

Yesterday's special full moon as seen from Corfu Town

  Yesterday's full moon was a notable one. According to scientists, it was the closest and biggest one since 1992 as the distance between Earth and Moon usually is around 400,000 kilometres, while yesterday Moon was a 50,000 kms closer to us (356, 575 kilometres). Some supersticious people call it "Super Moon", an astronomical event which can cause earthquakes and other natural disasters (nothing of those things happened up to now).
  When I went out for a drink yesterday night, I took the chance and took some photos of this rare full moon. Hopefully the night sky was clear (it was cloudy during most of the day). To me, there wasn't a notable difference in its size nor in its brightness. It was just a common springtime full moon. The photos below are somewhat of low quality, taken with my compact Olympus camera.

  Did you achieve to see yesterdays "Super Moon" and took some photos? If yes, please submit your links as a comment.

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Anonymous said...

I saw the moon yesterday it was so close you could touch it. Look so amazingly brilliant!!!!! Virginia Beach, Va.