Sunday, 13 March 2011

Another marvellous concert given by the Corfu Philharmonic Society's S.O.

  Yesterday night I had the chance to go to another wonderful concert given by the Corfu Philharmonic Society's symphonic orchestra under the direction of Alkis Baltas. The concert, which took place in the Municipal Theatre, consisted of 19th and 20th century music like Bizet, de Falla and Arutiunian.    

  It is obvious that the orchestra, founded by Dimitris Kafiris and now directed by mr. Baltas has been envolved from a small amateur orchestra into a semi-professional one, judging from its continuous improvement in terms of quality and quantity. It aspires to become the new professional symphonic orchestra of Corfu which will substitute the now defunct Municipal symphonic orchestra, a victim of local government's lack of funds.


  We should support this initiative. Corfu, an island with such an important music tradition should have its own professional symphonic orchestra which will present us the best of classical music world and interact with the local wind band tradition.

Alexander Arutiunian - Concert for trombet and orchestra (excerpt) - Solo trombet: Sokratis Anthis

George Bizet - Symphony no. 1 in C major, 1st movement: Allegro vivo

Manuel de Falla - Ritual Fire Dance (from "Wedded by Witchcraft")

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