Saturday, 5 March 2011

Pentegholétsa - a tradition which dates back to the venetian era

  Pentegholétsa (also colloquially refered as "petegoulió") is an ancient event which takes place every last Thursday night before Clean Monday ("Katharí Dheftéra" in greek). On that night in the intersection of Nikiforou Theotoki with Michail Theotoki streets (a place colloquially known as "Pínia" - from the italian world "pigna"), people gather to watch some local actors chatting and commenting on the local news from the old building windows and from a stage placed on street level. In the old days, real housewifes from nearby buildings' windows used to perform, gossiping about the local love stories, flirts, cheats and politics.

  Here is a short video from last Thursday's event. The actors employ the local accent, using as more colloquial words as the can. Probably most of you can't make out a single word but you can have a taste of what "Pentegholétsa" is about.

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