Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A row of terraced houses off Alexandras Avenue

  Alexandras Avenue is one of the most important throughfares in Corfu Town. It looks like a Parisian Haussmann boulevard with the trees and its wide pavements. It is lined mostly with apartment blocks but some old buildings survive scattered around their modern neighbours, suggesting that the Avenue someday was a neighbourhood of the noble ones.
  One of those is a row of terraced houses near the Sarocco square end which maybe be over a hundred years old. It used to house nannies. Those days, the area was far from the then centre of the town and extensive fields could be found around (the last of those survived till the early 90s when the "Gualinos Pyrgos" building was built).

  These terraced houses look like those found in british towns. They form a row of three identical middle sized townhouses with garden/parking at their entrance.

  A well can be found next to the entrance of one them!

  Some lemon trees decorate the "gardens" at the front of their entrances.


  The back side of the buildings face the narrow and somewhat deprivated Linou Kogevina street. The first floor walls are vandalized with distasteful graffities made by some stupid P.A.O. fans, who probably don't respect the other people's property and ignore the local history. 


Shaniqua said...

The graffiti is the shame of this country. And that's saying a LOT.

Is it "Sarocco" or "San ROcco" Sq? I've seeen it both ways on official signs. Confusey!

Giannis, an average Corfiot said...

Indeed they are! Most of them were done by children of high school so actually that's a matter of how they grew up!

The word "Saroko" (or "Sarocco") is a colloquial way of the area's official name "San Rocco", which dates from the medieval times. Thus, both are considered right but everyday Corfiots call it "Saroko".