Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Corfu in detail: Carved faces above a window

Alexandras Avenue was the first and unique boulevard-like avenue in Corfu town. It was an offspring of the British occupation, a part of the first planned suburb, Neopoli (the area is bordered by what is now called Rizospaston Voulefton, Marasli, Dimokratias and Vraila streets), an area characterized by straight avenues and streets.
This area attracted the upper classes, as it was then away from the hustle and bustle of the old walled town and its gardens and trees provided clean air. A number of grand houses erected, some of them still survive (I'm intenting to cover them in the future). One of them is the apartment building below.

What makes that building unique are those beautiful carved faces above the windows of the first floor. It seems that buildings like that, so carefully and tastefully designed, are not built anymore.

Have you ever noticed that detail yourself? Which mythical icons do they represent?

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