Sunday, 15 August 2010

Issos beach revisited: A beach which never ceases to amaze me

  I've visited Issos (mapfor the first time last summer. It is an unique beach which looks like an african one because of the presence of sand dunes and the lack of touristic development. This summer I went there again and it was magical as it was last year: crystal waters, miles of sandy beach, nice mix of people and spots where you can swim alone (and nude!).
 This time I took my digital camera with me to take some better quality photos. Here are some of them:

Miles of sandy beach 
Africa or Far West?
A no man's land
From the top of those sand dunes you can have a great view
Issos can be busy sometimes
View from the top of a sand dune (towards south)
Agios Georgios Argiradon village as seen from Issos
Issos beach bar - the only place where you can get a refreshment!
View towards the southern end of Lake Korission
A kinda artistic photo - sand dunes peak and a boatman's house in Limni Korission  at the back
View towards north
Afternoon in Issos
A jungle of blue-white ombrellas as seen from the dunes
Keep this magical place clean!
There are wooden paths as well - man, that burning sand can harm your feet!

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