Thursday, 5 August 2010

A visit to the marina @ NA.O.K.

  Summer is the best time to see some luxurious yaghts who host the rich people who are lucky to sail the mediterranean. The biggest one is the marina at Govino Bay (which I will write about it in the future) but there is also a small one in the area of the Corfu's Nautical Club (in greek "Nαυτικός Όμιλος Κερκύρας" or coloquially more known with its acronym "NA.O.K."). The area of the marina is prefered by some locals for swimming as it is so close to the centre of the town. There is also a popular summer bar called "Hook" from which you can have a panoramic view of the marina.
  Now let's have a photographic tour of the marina.

General view of the marina.
A boat which just departed from the safety of the marina.
Small boats moored in a removable platform.
Small and bigger boats.
The Old Fortress dominate the view to the north.
There are some maintenance facilities around as well.

Some enormous yachts which belong to some "poor people".
A closer look of those floating palaces.
The boats are well served by the owners.
Some boats and Corfu Palace hotel in the background.
The southern end of the marina with the Ionian Academy and Cavallieri hotel in the background.
A yacht with the dominant walls of the Old Fortress in the background.
The marina as it seen from the coastal road to Garitsa.

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