Sunday, 28 October 2012

The doric temple of Artemis

  The sanctuary of Artemis was a significant place of worship of the ancient city of Corfu. This doric temple had 8 columns in the short and 17 in the long sides, while its interior was divided into a pronaos, cella and opisthodromos.

   Its western pediment is on display at the local archeological museum with Gorgo as its central figure. It dates back to the early 6th century (580 BC) and constitutes the earliest stone pediment with relief decoration in greek art.

  Ruins of the temple's foundation still survive as do as the altar and and part of the slate-paved road that connected the altar with the temple of Artemis

  Alongside with the temple's northern face, part of an analemma still remains, in front of which a crepidoma was discovered - possibly supporting the lateral columns.

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