Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Corfu: A Tale Of Two Islands

   An ITV documentary following the lives of expats and tourists enjoying the attractions of the Greek island.    

Episode: 1/8

  Tucked away in this jolly film about the lives of expats on Corfu is an extraordinary snippet. It is, according to Mary (a Shirley Valentine who arrived in 1980 as a holiday rep and married taverna owner Nico) cheaper to order certain food online from a UK supermarket and pay someone to deliver it than buy it locally. Such is the state of the Greek economy, even olive oil is cheaper.  The rest of the documentary focuses on the work of wedding planner Sally, another rep who stayed, although she didn’t marry because of her fiance’s fiercely traditional attitude to women.

Episode: 2/8

Marcus sells and develops multimillion pound, beachfront properties. He’s profiting from Corfu’s shift in industry from the agriculture that dominated the economy up until the 60’s, to tourism today. But as the island grows more popular it is becoming increasingly difficult to track down the picture-perfect plot.
Marcus’s most recent client is Oxfordshire housewife Susie who, along with husband Mark, has scoured Corfu for the perfect retreat from the stresses of life in the UK.
Further inland in the shadow of the “The Almighty”, Mount Pantokrator, lies a village where one couple are trying to reinvigorate the old ways. Mark Hendriksen and his Dutch wife Saskia Bosch fell in love with the abandoned village of Old Perithia while on holiday. The pair have now started an ambitious project to breathe life back into the idyll, and the first step is to get theirBoutique B&B up and running.

Episode 3/8:

This episode focuses on Bernard and Heather, who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary during their annual holiday. Also featured are Tim and Victoria, who love Corfu so much they built their own house there, and a couple of pop stars looking to make it big.

Episode 4/8:

The series meets 17-year-old Abi who is finding it hard to get work over the summer season and an ex-antique dealer from Kensington attempting to live the artistic dream in Corfu. The show also meets Scarlett who came to Corfu on holiday and never went back home.

Episode 5/8:

A hotel manager feels the impact of the economic downturn and a group of tourists takes a trip to Kavos in memory of a deceased friend. Plus, the story of a boat-mad Brit who lives life in the fast lane.

Episode 6/8:

A barrister considering a permanent move to Corfu, a man enjoying life in its agricultural heartland and a club promoter who has spent the past five years working in the lively resort of Kavos.

Episode 7/8:

Landscape architects Alithea and Marcus, and entrepreneur Trevor, who is launching his new venture in Kavos. Lucy, who only intended to complete one season in Corfu as a holiday rep but fell in love with a local, decided to stay.

Episode 8/8: 

 In the final episode, Lisa and Marc explain why they have spent their last 17 holidays at the same resort. Plus, Tanya talks about her success in the Kavos tattoo trade since relocating from Kent, and Mary reveals why her children are having to move abroad. 

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