Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Τhe old hospital building

  Right across the prison complex there is an old three-storey building which is home to the 3rd and 4th Corfu high schools. Almost all sides of the edifice and its backyard are encircled by tall wall which probably has to do with the fact that the schools are located a breath away from the maximum security prisons. But why they choose to build a school up there?

  The reason is that the building originally was home to the old hospital until 1966 when it moved to the St. Irene hospital on the slope of the Avrami hill (now vacant as it was moved again to the brand new Kontakali building). Then, the authorities choosed to house two high schools in the existing building most probably in order to cut costs.
  The building across the prison was built in 1820s, when Corfu was still under the british rule in order to house the prison administration and sanitary department. By that time there was need for a bigger hospital building, so in 1851 the institution moved from the small edifice in Mantouki to that which was bigger and more efficient. 


  Now functioning as home for two educational institutions, some parents complain about the school's location close to a penitential institution demanding its relocation.

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Anonymous said...

I remember attending this school for two years, and how on one occasion panic spread because one of the inmates had broken out of the prison. Can't say I have great memories of this place.