Monday, 13 February 2012

The old Anemomylos residences

   On Iasonas and Sosipatros street, very close to the homonymous byzantine church, there are some old buildings that date back to the era when Anemomylos was a small suburb inhabited by workers who worked in nearby windmills (from those windmills the area took its name). This neighbourhood can be considered as the historic core of that neighboorhood.
   These houses, generally speaking, are quite small and usually are not taller than one or two floors. Some of them are uninhabited. They stand there abandoned, waiting to meet their fate. One day possibly, some developers will buy these properties, will demolish them and build some more tasteless modern apartment blocks. 
   I would like to emphasize on the architecture of those houses. They may look simplistic and poor but if somebody have a closer look, some beautiful details can be spotted. For instance, that greek meander above the door in the second picture adorns the façade of that derelict house. Such details are hard to find in more modern buildings. It seems today attention is given to building's functionality than its external appearence. 
   I really hope that these buildings will be saved from the wrecking ball and be preserved, getting away from the voracious apetite for development.

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