Sunday, 5 February 2012

Anemomylos after the storm

   Yesterday morning Corfu was hit by a strong storm whose strong winds and heavy rainfaill caused problems. Trees fell, a man died as he was hit by a falling tree branch in Yannades village, big waves caused inudation in some coastal areas. Thankfully by afternoon, winds had gone, rain stopped and everything came back to normal. I went out for a walk in Anemomylos area and I took some photos that show the beauty of the landscape after the storm.

   By the way, here is a short video taken by a friend of mine in Ipsos yesterday morning, the time when the stormy rain and winds hit our island.


ΧΑΡΑ said...

Κι εδώ μας πήρε και μας σήκωσε και απο το μεσημερι και μετά το γύρισε σε χαλαζόνερο...ΚΟΛΑΣΗ!
Εύχομαι να μην είχατε ζημιές.

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