Monday, 27 February 2012

Corfu in 1952

  In this 60 years old video, you can have an idea of how different was Corfu back then. There wer fewer cars, narrower roads, fewer tourists and people lived in a more traditional way.

Click on the link below to watch the documentary:

Here is the description that accompanies the video:
  "Journey to the island of Corfu - Images of Corfu, and shots of the island's main attractions. Snapshots of daily life and events connected with the history of the place, such as the procession of the relics of St. Spyridon. Views of the villages and tourist resorts in North Corfu (Kassiopi, Dassia, west coast and the area of ​​Paleokastritsa).
  A ferry entering Corfu port. Images of life at the old venetian port and the nearby New Fortress of Saint Mark. People walking in the street. Buildings and views of Corfu Town Hall. The Esplanade Square and people drinking coffee at Liston. Footage of the Maitland peristyle and of the bust of Dionysios Solomos and the statue of Schulenburg. Shots of the Old Fortress, the Old Palace and the Old Prefecture, the church of Our Lady and St. Mandrakina Spyridon. Highlights from the procession of the relics of St. Spyridon, accompanied by Archbishops, priests, representatives of local authorities and large crowds.
  Images from corfiot villages. Villagers in the region of Cassiopi and shots along the east coast. View of Villa Bibelli Castello) in Kato Korakiana and a boat ride to the area of ​​Dassia. People bathe in the Dasssia beach, tourists dancing in the camping area and doing water sports. Highlights from the reception of recently arrived visitors in Dassia, dressed in polynesian outfits.
Footage from the Cassiopi region, where the ruins of the temple of Zeus Kassos can be found. Villagers engaged in agricultural activities in Paleokastritsa. General view of mountain settlements. Women spinning, tourists swimming in the sea among lobsters in Paleokastritsa. View of the Paleokastritsa Monastery.
  Shots of the statue of Kapodistrias, a view of the bay Garitsa, the summer Palace of Mon Repos and the Monastery of Our Lady Vlachernon. People visiting the Mouse island for the annual festival. Views of Achillion gardens, the statues of the Muses, the busts of philosophers and the statue of the dying Achilles."

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jason@CorfuVillas said...

Really fascinating blog, thanks for sharing it, things must of changed quiet a bit from the 50s in Corfu! Jason.