Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A new Kapodistriou street sign

   I noticed yesterday a new sign placed behind Liston buildings on which is written in greek and french the name of the street (J. A. Capodistria street) and the following explanatory text: "1st governor of Greece 1776-1831".
   But why in french and not in english or even in russian? It makes more sense if written in english or russian because , in our days it is the most popular language on earth and Kapodistrias himself was a diplomat in the service of Russia. A possible explanation could be the fact that Liston buildings were built by the french during early 19th century - at that time Kapodistrias lived and workerd in Switzerland as a russian diplomat. 
   Anyway or another, this is another good initiative which helps the locals and our (french speaking) visitors to learn more things about our history.

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