Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Some infamous bars of Corfu Town

  Well, I wasn't sure whether I should post this or not but I believe that these places deserve to be presented to those who may wonder if there are any unsavoury hangouts in Corfu Town. These bars usually are passed unobserved by the passers-by and few people hang out in them. 
   My favourite and the oldest of all is the bar "Barita" near the jewish quarter. A sign  mounted on a building wall facing the main street is the only indication of its existence. 

  The second establishment is not a bar but a suspicious ground floor apartment near the old hospital. Some say it used to house a brothel.

  Few hundred metres away, on a bar's door named after an italian town we can read "Enterprise offering Internet services" - I doubt if it is offering only this kind of services!

  Finally, near the old psychiatric hospital a bar named "Prive" is open day and night. It is frequented by some lorry drivers who use to park their vehicles in the area.

  There should be few more places of this nature in town - there are some strip bars in the suburbs which probably will be presented in a future post.

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© Karelian Blonde said...

Interesting! Never thought there would be a "sub culture" in Corfu.

Good stuff and thank you for posting!