Monday, 28 November 2011

Τhe "Coffee & Books" coffee shop

    Today morning I came across an advertisement posted on a tree at the Esplanade advertising an event which will took place at a new place simply called "Coffee & Books". As the name suggest, this is a place in which someone can read a book enjoying a cup of coffee in a peaceful environment. Establishments of this kind are popular abroad. Here in Corfu, "Coffee & Books" is the first coffee shop which has a selection of greek and foreign books. 

  According to the shop's website, books can be bought. There is also the possibility of second hand book exchange, so if you have some used books you don't really need, you can bring them there and get some other second hand books in return.
  I would like to congratulate the owners who had this bright idea of establishing a coffee shop different from the others, trying to incentivate people read more and appreciate reading as a free time activity.

  - Visit their site at: (on facebook: ) or get to know the place yourself at 6 Kapodistriou street, Corfu Town (opposite the Esplanade).

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