Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The last "Occasion"...

   On Annunziata square, just opposite the ancient campanile, there is a garment shop popular among the locals. It is called "Οκαζιόν", the greek transcription of the french world "ocassion" which has the same meaning with the homonymous english word. 
   The shop opened its doors sometime in the early 60s and soon because so popular that it gave its name to the neighbourhood around it and became a meeting point. Its clientele consists mostly by the elderly ones as well as those who fancy cheap clothes. When I was a kid, me and my parents used to shop from this shop but I did not quite like it because I have been always considered it too old-fashioned for my taste. The years had gone by and the owner decided to retire and sold the property to a greek fast food chain called "Everest" which will open its first Corfu shop on the site. For the time being, there is a bazaar going on selling all good on 60% discount and the show windows displaying some nude plastic dolls.
   Soon another beloved landmark business will be vanished, as regretfully did the "Lykoudis" bookshop last year sacrificing themselves in the name of commercial involvement.

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