Thursday, 6 October 2011

The "haunted" house on the hill

    Standing at the top of the hill across the "Phoenix" theatre on Akadimias street, the old house was vacant for many years. Its last resident was an elderly woman, the last member of a wealthy family who was was professor. When she died some years ago without having any relatives,alive, her will stated that her house should be given to the municipality. Although the property externally needs renovation, it houses the vice mayor's office and some other services. The building itself should be over 100 years old being a mix of neoclassical and late victorian architecture popular back then due to the 19th century british occupation. It has two floors, an attic, a small balcony over the front door and a small garden behind. I would love to see this beautiful edifice being renovated and preserved being an example of local late 19th century architecture. We should not forget that places like this form part of our heritage.

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