Thursday, 15 September 2011

An interesting documentary about Corfu's 1943 bombardment

  On 14 September 1943, Corfu was bombarded by the Luftwaffe; these bombing raids destroyed churches, homes, whole city blocks, especially in the Jewish quarter Evraiki, and a number of important buildings, such as the Ionian Parliament, the Municipal Theatre, the Municipal Library and others. The next day, Corfu Town looked different...there were ruins and smoke all over the place, the shocked locals still hidden in their shelters...
   Corfu had been bombarded without remorse, being the greek town that had been the most damaged by the nazi germans - I dare to relate this event to the notorious London blitz in 1940-41. The current german state refuse to compasate us for the extensive damage provoked by them - will they ever pay? This is an interesting video (in greek) narrating all these events from the local's point of view. It features some rare footage as well.

- A song which commemorates all these tragic events, composed by corfiot musician George Kardamis:

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