Wednesday, 21 September 2011

This year's first autumn storm - September 19th

  The hot sunny morning gave no indication of what was to follow during the night. As the winds picked up and turned southern, it was obvious that the first autumn rain were approaching coming from Africa. The storm was accompanied by extravagant lightnings which provoked a temporary power outage in many parts of the island and leaving Corfu's airport in the dark for almost two hours. Enjoy a few minutes video of this spectacular storm as seen from the balcony of the famous cafeteria in Kanoni.


anet said...
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anet said...

Hope we get one in 3 weeks when I'm there. I love to watch a good storm.

Barbara Molin said...

And only a few miles south in Vlikho Bay, Lefkada Island on the same day, September 21 - unbelievable devastation from a tornado with 100 knot winds. At least one dead, many injured, dozens of boats damaged. Check the stunning photos and story here: