Sunday, 11 September 2011

Improvement in the so called "Mayor's steps"

  You may think that Corfu nowadays look rather messy and little is done to improve its appearence. In fact, there is something done by the local port authority to improve the area which belongs to the organisation's juridiction. 
  So last month they layed traditional corfiot plaques on the previously cemented pier colloquially known as "I skála tu dhimárchu" ("Mayor's steps"). 

  Now the pier is looking better. This spot popular with fishermen now looks more human and warm. It suits more to the area's traditional character and it could look even better if they put some stainless/ stone benches on it.  

  I should congratulate Corfu's Port Authority for this initiative and I hope soon more actions will be taken to impove our beautiful coastal areas.

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Uncle Trev said...

Dear John
I'm being picked up from those steps in August but I need to locate them accurately on a map so that I can book a room nearby fir the night before. Can you help please?