Saturday, 9 April 2011

The picturesque little fishing village of Kouloura

  Last week, me and a friend of mine visited the picturesque village of Kouloura in northeastern Corfu. It is a place which is internationally famous as it has been photographed, painted or filmed numerous times in the past. It's still a working harbour, where local fishermen moore their boats.
  It can be reached following the road to Kassiopi just after the small village of Gimari. We've stopped at the bay just south of Kouloura, where still stands the so called "White House", one of the villas where british author Laurence Durrel lived in late 1930s. A commemorative plaque inform us about the significance of this villa still inhabited by some lucky family.

Across the bay where the Durrel villa stands, luxourious apartments were built on a headland overlooking the straight between Corfu and Albania.

  Going back up to the main road, we drive to Kouloura which panorama can be clearly seen. Agnielli's summer villa dominated the view.

  Going down the narrow descending road, we reach the little harbour of Kouloura. At its entrance a greek traditional restaurant, a little church and of course the property which FIAT's owner Gianni Agnielli used to spend his summers far from the hustle and bustle of Turin. 

  The harbour itself is lovely. Having a semispherical shape it is a perfect shelter for the small fishermen boats.

  Before leaving Kouloura, we visited that natural balcony from which beautiful vistas of Kouloura and Vouthroto area in Albania can be seen. 

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