Friday, 15 April 2011

Corfu in detail 12: The so called "Juliet's balcony" in Campiello

  Somewhere inside the maze of Campiello old venetian alleys, on Ypapantis street, there is a balcony which somewhat resembles to the famous Verona one belonged to Juliet Capulet (in Italian Giulietta Capuleti). Few local people are aware of it's existence as it's off the beaten track. Ornate and made of stone, it stands out from the other common ones in the area. 

  Sadly, the owner of this balcony does not respect its unique beauty and placed a satellite disk on it. 

  If someday you pass by the area, look for it - it deserves a brief look. Its uniqueness can't be missed!

- Two old photos from the same balcony (courtesy of Corfu-Memories from the Past group on Facebook)

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