Saturday, 2 April 2011

Improvements at Spilia square

  Passing by the area around Spilia square the other day, I noticed that the marina is progressing well and the square behind it, previously left to its own luck, had been recently restored and refurbished.

  Corfu Port Authority did a great job renovating Spilia square, a no man place usually frequented by immigrants and elderly people. They cleaned up the place, removing the unwanted grass which had grown on the square's surface and renovated the Cenotaph and the fountain on the right side of it.

  The nicest suprise of all was those recently installed marble chessboards with their own seats which was a very good idea as it promotes chess a sport.



  Finally, those clean and neat gardens next to the chessboards look wonderful at this time of the year as they are in bloom.

  Congratulations to the local Port Authority for the good job. I wish the place won't be vandalized and when the marina finally opens, it will create a new gathering spot for locals and tourists alike.

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