Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"Mantzaros" Philharmonic Society Easter concert

 Yesterday there was amazing concert given every year by the "Mantzaros" Philarmonic Society at the recently renovated catholic cathedral of "Duomo di San Giacomo e San Christoforo".  As the church was full of spectators, a projector was placed at the square on the front in order more and more people enjoy the concert.
The band played pieces of secular music including "Kyrie Eleison" from Mozart's Requiem. The vocal ensemble "Camerata Vocalis" and corfiot cellist Amvrosios Vlachopoulos participated in some of the pieces performed. Alexis Kostalas, a well known journalist (the man which announces the greek votes in the Eurovision contest every year)

  At the video below, you can watch yesterday's concert:

Πασχαλινή συναυλία της Φ.Ε. Μάντζαρος στον... by jvnadr

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