Sunday, 25 July 2010

Forgotten Corfu 6: Ancient venetian cistern near Townhall square

  In the old times, corfiots used to obtain water exclusively from cisterns which collected water from the abudant rainfall of winter. Every neighnorhood and every village had its own cistern. Cisterns and other sources of water used to be a place to chat and learn the news. 
  One ancient cistern could be found just under the 2nd-3rd primary school building near Townhall square. The school complex was built in 1931 on the site of an old 18th century venetian building which housed the seat of the venetian Bailie, the governor of the island. Literally that means that the school seats on a massive ancient cistern.
  There is a plaque written in greek which can be translated to: "Cistern of the venetian Bailie 1587".  So, the cistern itself is much older than the long gone 18th century building. 

  An old photo of the beautiful 18th century building which was the seat of the venetian bailie and was too sadly demolished. Its baroque style is prominent. 

  The place is frequented by doves which seem to love the rocky nature of the site. They echo the times where this quiet place was a hang out place for people who chatted loudly while filling their bottles and pots with fresh water.

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