Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Laurentiou Vrokini street - The narrowest in Corfu Town?

There are several streets which can claim the title of the most narrow in the world. Two of them, the Spreuerhof street, an 18th-century lane in Reutlingen, Germany and the Parliament street in Exeter, UK dispute the title.

But did you know that in the old part of Corfu town there few streets that are such narrow like those above? One of these, is the upper half of Laurentiou Vrokini street, a side street off the hustle and bustle of Eugeniou Voulgareos, the main shopping street of the town. Being inside the walled town, this street is as ancient as the town itself. The area around it was heavily bombed by the nazi Germans in 1943 so some ungly blocks of flats could be found, built by the time Corfu redeveloped its bombed sites.

Location of Lavrediou Vrokini str. (in yellow)
  So, on our left hand we could see a modern apartment building while on our right one, there are some older ones. The street, narrows considerably in the middle to form a very narrow lane where a man can pass through it with difficulty.

  Looking upwards, the roofs of the building almost touch each other on the left end.

  Looking towards the street from the other end, we could see the narrow mouth of the street, which is no wide than 50 cm.

  I will look for more narrow streets like that. Maybe there is one narrower but I have the impression that this is the winner.

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Excellent! Thank you for posting and I will have go and try to squeeze through that street in August :)