Friday, 16 July 2010

A romanian dance videocip shot around Corfu island

  Few days before I discovered in YouTube a videoclip of a romanian female dance dj called Andreea Balan. It was shot around Corfu to promote her club tune "Trippin' ". It is a catchy and summerish track made for the dancefloors, or better as a soundtrack for beachbars. Romanian dance music hit it big in 2009 with names like Inna, Akcent and Morandi which dominated last years scene.
  The video is shot at Mouragia, Town hall square, Sidari, Kalamaki beach and at the marina in Gouvia (Govino bay). It shows off to the world the beauties of our paradise island and it was already viewed 600.000 times in 45 days! Thank you Andreea for promoting through your beautiful music our island, it was such a suprise for all us Corfiots!
  Enjoy the video and make sure you post / forward it to your friends!

Andreea Balan- Trippin'

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danny said...

It's very nice video! Andreea Balan BRAVO!

Silvi said...

This video is so HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!I like your voice Andreea!

Anonymous said...

this is great!!!!the video is cool,and her music is the best in our country!!!!you should listen more of her"s gest great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, THANKS !.... I am from ... Romania... :D and ... i really LOVE Corfu.... since 2009 !.... visit Your amazing island in EASTER ! Corfu is a piece of Heaven !
All the best !