Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Corfu Heritage plaques - Have you already noticed them?

   Some years ago, the Corfu Heritage Foundation placed some bilingual blue and red plaques which indicate places in which some important corfiot personalities lived. It is a very good iniciative because it promotes tourism and commemorate famous places in which painters, writers and other prominent persons left their mark.
  Those plaques could be usually found on the buildings facades of the old Corfu Town. Obviously there were inspired by London's Blue Plaques which are scattered in the streets of the british capital.

Plaque in Arseniou street in Corfu

One of the two Mozart plaques in Frith street in Soho, London
 Below are some of the Corfu and London plaques.
 Corfiot plaques:

 Some famous London plaques:

  I would like to see more of those plaques being placed in Corfu. Also a promotion should be done with the creation of a site in the internet in which there will be an index of the plaques with a small biography of each person commemorated. A more organized iniciative will help to boost educational tourism and preserve our heritage.

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