Friday, 26 February 2010

Wind Bands playing at the Santa Theodora litany (21/02/2010)

The Feast is kept in memory of the final defeat of Iconoclasm and the restoration of the icons to the churches. The corpse of Santa Theodora is kept in the Mitropolis church and thus, as she was the leader of the protest against Iconoclasm, Corfiots organize this procession in order to commemorate that important event.

In the litany, as always, take part the major wind bands of the island. Below are some short videos taken by a friend:

Filarmonic Society "Mantzaros" (Est. 1890):

Filarmonic Society "Omonoia" (Gastouri) (Est. 1898)

Filarmonic Society "Kapodistrias" (Est. 1980)

All the videos above had been uploaded by the user kantonis1990 .


Simon Baddeley said...

Your blog gets better and better by the month and now I'm away for a few weeks in England it's such a pleasure to see the mix of photos, films and music and words you put together so well. I really like the focus on the exquisite architectural details of Corfu. Back on 29 March for Easter. Simon

Giannis, an average Corfiot said...

Thank you again mr Baddeley for your kindness! I'm trying to post interesting overlooked things that most of us do not notice, appreciate or take them for granted. Easter 2010 will be marvellous as always, only one month left!

Simon Baddeley said...

I always associate Corfu with these elegantly simple iron railings.
We are having a staircase built outside our house and will seek out this design for it. S