Sunday, 7 February 2010

Corfu in detail 2: Carved angels on a neoclassical building

Last Tuesday, I posted some photos of some carved faces on a building in Alexandras avenue. The next edifice I discovered that features such details is a neoclassical building in Mantzarou street, opposite the Perfecture offices. It really stands out among the neighbouring ungly apartment blocks and it's the home of some doctor and lawyer offices.

A latticework above the central door bears the date 1903, which I suspect is the year that the building was built. Also, right under the date, the acronym "AA" could be seen. Does anyone of you know what it stands out for?

The small angel faces with wings could only be seen right under the windows of the first floor. Unfortunately, the first one from the left is gone.

Generally speaking, the building is not in a bad condition but a facelift could have been done. It is about time some important old buildings be listed in order to preserve them from dilapidation?

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