Friday, 5 February 2010

Enjoying the view from Anemomylos, one cold but sunny February day...

Today, hopefully, was another sunny but a bit cold day in our beloved island. The northern wind of the last few days, resulted in a clear atmosphere, which is perfect for taking quality photographs. Anemomylos is a good point where someneone can have unobstructed views towards the old fortress, the city and the mountains in mainland Greece and Albania.

General views of the Old Fortress

The snowcapped mountains of the mainland

Esplanade, Saint Spyridon campanile and Kapodistriou street buildings (including the Ionian Academy and Cavallieri Hotel buildings), as seen from Anemomylos.

Almost same zoomed view, but now you can notice the southern side of the Liston buildings. Notice Mount Pantokrator with its clouded top!

Focusing on the spot where Alexandras avenue meets the bay (Douglas column). Two communication antenna towers could be seen, the big O.T.E. one and the smaller on the top of Avrami hill.

A sparrow enjoying the view, as I did!

The western of the two hills of the Old Fortress with its distictive cross and lighthouse on the top.

Zoomed view towards the Esplanade again.

The 'Corfu Palace Hotel' dominates the view towards the northern end of Garitsa bay.

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