Wednesday, 14 November 2007

My Videos from the Oliver Huntemann event!

I finally managed to upload my videos from the Huntemann event to YouTube, after several days of trying. Below are the link to each of these nine videos, taken with my Olympus camera and my K810i phone:

Shortly after Oliver got on the decks:

Rockin tune:

Quite interesting tune - isn't it?

Mind blowing:

True Electro:

Oh God! Listen to this - techno is Mayhem!:

Another great Electro / Techno track - notice how uplifted was the crowd!:

Playing "37 degrees", his most famous track:

Finally, the best track he played that night - his remix on Depeche Mode "Everything Counts"!

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed them and make sure, if Oliver comes to your town for a gig, go! :)

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